On Flowering

As the flower blooms, its layers of beauty unfold until its magnificent full expression is revealed. The blossom does not judge its asymmetrical petal or resist being stepped on by a passerby. It simply accepts, exposes, and reaches back up to the light if it can. At the point of full expression, having given all it can, the flower withers, dies, and returns to the Mother.

Humans have a similar, though much more complicated job to do. The natural task of revelation of our true essence gets slowed down by our minds through suffering, closing, masking and fear. Slowly, as we release all judgment and gain clarity about who we truly are, the artificial layers are peeled back one by one to uncover the root of our being.

The flowering heart reaches its full expression of openness, no longer hidden by fear and shame; exquisite, generous, vulnerable, compassionate, and accepting of all things.

Living as the true essence, having nothing left to reveal or to achieve, the transformation is complete and we are released again to the Mother. There, as pure and perfect consciousness, we are one with everything.

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