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Hi There!  I’m Jessica (a/k/a RootsMom), and I welcome you to my blog.  I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.  I’m passionate about sharing my healthy living knowledge, and inspiring as many people as I can to try new things and live a better life with more vitality, energy, and joy!

There are many components that contribute to a person’s health.  In addition to good nutrition, we need good relationships based in authenticity and connection (and a lot of laughs!), a fulfilling career, physical activity, and rest/self-care.  These are all necessities to living in optimal health and happiness. Unfortunately, most of us live our lives with few or none of these components.  But optimal health and happiness is not only possible, it’s what we ALL deserve.

So, how do we get there?  By returning to our “roots.”  This means eating whole, slow foods instead of fast or processed; connecting with friends over a cup of tea instead of by text or on Facebook; planting an herb and/or vegetable garden; understanding where our food comes from and why it matters; connecting with our creativity and our hearts’ desires; and listening to our inner voice.  Rootsmom.com is my blog for sharing knowledge about how we can return to our roots, and in essence, return home to our own truest health.


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